Rebuilding Lives Keynote Speaker

Wealth Advisor and Money Coach Jennifer Jost, Shares Her Personal Tragic Experience with Domestic Violence, as the Keynote Speaker at STAND! Families Free From Violence, 2018 Benefit Luncheon.

I feel so honored to have been the 2018


luncheon keynote speaker. 

Speaking at STAND! was transformational for me. It was the first time I was able to publicly share my story--in front of such a large audience-- about emotional abuse and the loss of my children, Nicholas  and Cheri'. 

#1 National Advisor of the Year

I Will Rock Your Stage

As an expert helping women with their money, I bring energy, inspiration and fun to your stage. Whether deep down and personal, or light-hearted and fun, your audience will leave transformed and inspired. 

Talk titles:

  • Fall in Love with Your Money

  • 3 Main Barriers to Wealth

  • Rock Your Finances

  • Surviving Entrepreneurship

  • From Tragedy to Triumph

  • Flexing your Resilience Muscle

  • Living Your Values

  • Rebuilding Lives

What They're Saying

“My husband and I have trained 1,000's of Speakers and she's one of the BEST.  She's funny, down to earth, knowledgeable, an expert in helping professional women with their money & finances.  She makes that topic FUN and engaging.  She helps the audience, not only learn a lot, but feel SAFE to open up about money & finances.  She's spoken on our stage and everyone LOVES her. 

 I HIGHLY recommend her as a Speaker,

you won't be disappointed”! 
                                                         ~Shannon Law

I have never heard a speaker deliver that powerful of a story. She had that entire audience in the palm of her hand.  I heard her speak at a SBA event and at Women of Influence tour. And she is absolutely powerful. She walks in and she's so self-assured, glamorous and beautiful.  Then she drops the bomb of her personal story and then you're even more impressed and inspired by what she as overcome to get to where she is today.

 So women out there, you've got to hear her!  Please talk to Jennifer and get her at your event. It's her message I've not heard before and it's very powerful.

                            ~Mary Ottoman

“Watching my dear friend Jennifer speak to a packed room is so amazing. The audience will have tears, laughter and walk away a bit more empowered.  She exudes confidence with empathy and love.  Promoters often ask her to return again since there is so much to share and the time flies when she has the audience engaged.  I love to watch the audience when she is speaking and see how little shifts in perception are happening.  To hear her story and see her now gives me so much strength.  Hearing Jennifer speak is a very positive memorable experience.


                               ~Sheri Graybehl

“Jennifer Jost demonstrates

 magical combination of high-level expertise, wit & humor.  Her energy lights up the room and her compassionate nature suggests that she understands. Jennifer delivers big doses of hope and empowerment right alongside actionable steps that her audience can implement immediately.  You’ll want to invite her back to speak to your groups over and over again”!

                                    ~Kathleen Mulligan

I just saw Jennifer Jost speak and she is incredible at understanding how to have a relationship with money. After the 30-minute talk, I could see myself having breakthroughs with finances and feeling good in my space. And then we started to talk about certain things about having a deep connection, like having a money date. Which I love, I love this stuff. Just within a snippet, I start to feel this leveling up in my space and I so appreciate Jennifer.   If you get a chance to spend some time with Jennifer Jost either speaking or through her program, she is a very powerful person when it comes to a better relationship with finances. Which who does not need a good relationship with finances?


                                  ~Rhonda Liebig

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