For Women, by Women,

with Women to Thrive financially 

Ruby Program

PROMISE: New Relationship with Money Forever in 90 days

  • 3 Modules done at your convenience: 
    • Goals & Dreams
    • Cash Flow
    •  Master Money Mindset
  • Custom Cash Flow System
  • VIP Complete Financial Analysis
  • 3 Months of Weekly group calls
  • 3 Months Weekly Personal Coaching calls
  •  Cancel old patterns & Co-Create new Money Beliefs

Emerald Program

PROMISE:  Get peace and clarity knowing you're on the right track 

  • Proven Diamond Life Process for Prosperity 
  • Customized Modern Financial Plan maximizing the use of tax-efficient and principal protection tools 
  • Diamond Life Financial Success System with Education
  • Income Stream Analysis & Solutions for Financial Freedom
  • Investment Analysis & Solutions for Financial Freedom 

Diamond Life Program

PROMISE: VIP Program with 3 C's - Collaboration & Clarity & Confidence - release stress and find financial freedom & fun 

  • 6 Month Program
  • Includes Ruby & Emerald Programs for 6 Months
  • Your personal Financial Concierge 
  • Full access to your personal Coach, Mentor and Advisor
  • Part of the Winning Diamond Life Team with support when YOU need it
  • Co-Create Your New Relationship with Money and Wealth

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