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Twenty five years ago I thought my life was over. I fought my way back to the sunshine after the devastating storm of losing my family. On my journey from grief to reclaiming life, I found meaning in serving others and guiding women on their paths to empowerment.

My daily drive comes from honoring my kids, Nicholas and Cheri.

Please read more about my story here in 110magazine:

Inspiring Change

My purpose in life is to help women empower themselves, by inspiring, motivating and walking by their side.
I have a passion for helping women with their money and for speaking out about causes that are dear to my heart.
Throughout my life, I have been widowed, divorced, and happily married. After unimaginable loss, I am blessed to be the mother of two wonderful, now adult children. 
I have experienced deep grief, found my resilience, and discovered purpose in life, being in service to other women. I've been through it all.
My personal experiences and my professional life as a wealth advisor cannot help but merge:
  •  As a volunteer grief counselor, I have developed several women's groups devoted to helping survivors of domestic violence heal and find their resilience.
  • As a public speaker, I can move your audience and inspire them to transform their lives, with grace.
  • Through my money coaching practice, I have helped thousands of women resolve unknown patterns surrounding money, and move from stress, worry  and scarcity to peace and abundance.
  • As a wealth planner, I can help you find peace of mind as you plan for the future you deserve. 
I am here to help.
Jennifer Jost, President of the San Ramon Valley Soroptimist Society--a female philanthropist who thrives on giving back.

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